A Tribute to Adam Romero
Adam Romero
Like most young employees, Adam began as a laborer eager to learn and grow in every capacity of the job. His work ethic and sense of teamwork along with his respectful approach to tasks quickly earned him a place on the crew. Many endearingly referred to him as "the Kid." He was a quick learner and had a natural mechanical aptitude which helped him gain
a strong understanding of the project he was engaged in. He was a man who showed respect for the trade and gratitude for the opportunities he earned. Although he didn't enjoy a long tenure with the company, he made an impression on those he worked with; and those who knew him are better for it.
A Tribute to Jeff Bailey
Jeff has been employed at Carey for 14 years. He started as a laborer working for Marvin on the Amtrak King Street Station project all those years ago. That didn't last long. He simply wasn't going to stay in that position. He was competent, very personable and he knew his body was only going to hold up for so long. So he used his mind... Constantly. He was always working us at the office for something, new equipment, a raise for someone or persuading a reluctant agency to see it his way.
It was always a lot of fun to watch. It's what a good superintendent does and Jeff was a master. We went back through the jobs Jeff produced in just the last 6 years. It is a significant accomplishment. Jeff was the super for 12 projects in the last 6 years for over $30,000,000 in work. Bridges, Sign Bridges, Hwy 99 column repairs, Concrete Paving on I-5, White River Dam. The list is long and impressive. We are thrilled he was a part of this family for as long as he was. We miss him terribly.
A Tribute to Rafe Rasmussen
Rafe has a lot of friends here. He was a man who seemed from another time, though he was only 40 years old when he left us. He was kind and brilliant. We lost Rafe "Domo" Rasmussen on July 1, 2016 in an accident. He is loved by many and will be missed beyond words. He was an exceptionally competent person. His coworkers looked to him to make sure everyone was safe and taken care off. Always a thinker, figuring out a different way, making sure stuff got done and done right. Never needing help,
always ready to give it. It's still hard to believe this happened to a man like him. He is one of those guys that could always think through any problem or help other people through theirs. He's smart, funny, loved the outdoors and adventure. Rafe had it all and did it right.
The following are a few of the projects that Jeff did all by himself along with a few pictures.
A tribute to a very good and productive life.
White River Dam
A Few of Jeff Bailey's Projects

15 Mile Bridge
White River Dam
George Washington Bridge
Swift Albro Seismic Upgrade
Blue Bridge Pasco
Des Moines Memorial Bridge
48th Street to “M” Street Paving WSDOT
Boeing Access Road
Highway 99 Pier Repair
White River Dam
15 Mile Bridge
Boston Shelby Noise Walls
15 Mile BridgeFauntleroyBoston/Shelby Noise Walls
Jeff Bailey's Hat
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