Current projects under construction are:
Owner: Sound Transit
Project: Sounder Mukilteo Station, Train Station
Project Manager: Jeremiah Kerr 206.795.3747
Superintendent: Curtis Pitts 206.718.6845
Owner: Community Transit
Project: Smokey Point Transit Center, Transit Center
Project Manager: Curtis Andrews 206.718.6277
Superintendent: Dusty Johnson 206.718.4853
Owner: City of Snoqualmie
Project: Snoqualmie Town Center, Road Construction
Project Manager: Curtis Andrews 206.718.6845
Superintendent: Dusty Johnson 206.718.4853
Owner: WSDOT
Project: SE 8th to Northup Way 405, Road Construction
Superintendent: Dan Peters 206.919.5702
Owner: City of Seattle
Project: Bellltown Utility Rebuild, Road Construction
Superintendent: Dan Peters 206.919.5702
Dave Sarpola 206.819.3807
Owner: City of Seattle
Project: Fauntleroy Bearing Pad Replacement, Bridge Construction
Superintendent: Dan Peters 206.919.5702
Dave Sarpola 206.819.3807
Sound Transit, Seattle
Mukilteo Station
Belltown, WashingtonBelltown Upgrades
Fauntleroy Bridge Fauntleroy Bridge
Smokey Point Transit Smokey Point Transit Center
Cole Creek Parkway, Seattle
Coal Creek ParkwayCurtis had to build a working platform that would hold up a cable crane big enough to hold up the crane and an oscillator that could drill 7' shafts. This large bridge was a challenging project that turned out very successful.
White River Dam
White River DamPSE owns this backflow preventer that keeps Lake Tapps from backing up the White River. The dam was a significant job for us, and we appreciated working with the great owner. Thanks JB.
Everett Performing Arts
Everett Performing Arts CenterThis difficult park was another Curtis job and the work produced another happy client. We even received an award for the concrete. The beautiful flatwork was done by our friends from Emils.
Howard Hansen Dam
Howard Hansen DamOriginally built as part of a new fish passage, the existing hole was 100' deep and required us to build a concrete wall all the way up. Our superintendent Marvin came up with a terrific idea: fill the hole in. Thousands and thousands of yards later, we had a safe and stable platform from which to drill our rock anchors and form to complete the Dam.
4th Avenue Reconstruction, Seattle
2010 Arterial ImprovementsThis road paving job was a complete rebuild of 2nd and 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle. Significant traffic and pedestrian issues created their own set of challenges. We finished on time and within budget and were pleased that we had the City of Seattle as a partner.
Boston, Shelby Noise Walls
Boston Shelby Noise WallsThis retaining wall project was a Jeff Bailey job requiring drilling, craning and setting of precast panels 30' tall next to I-5.
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