C.A. Carey is a well-established, heavily-insured contractor capable of jobs from $30k to $30m. We specialize in civil construction and have won national awards for our civil work and numerous local awards for our concrete projects. Our services for both the private and public sectors include:

• Bridges
• Dams
• Culverts
• Tilt-ups
• Parks
• Parking Lots
• Storm Sewers

• Roads
• Seismic Upgrades
• Train Station Platforms
• Plaza Upgrades
• Trails
• Parking Garages
• Potable Water Systems

• Pump Stations
• Concrete Paving & Grinding
• Design Build
• Permit Acquisition
• Regulatory Compliance
• Fish Passage
• Wetland Management

C.A. Carey excels in the private sector’s construction demands as well as public contracts. Our vast experience facilitates accomplishing your project whether you are breaking ground on a new project or managing property upkeep. We have design-built two of the largest, private potable water systems in the state. We’ve worked on colleges requiring significant pedestrian traffic control and know how to handle your parking lot. Do you have a weight restriction placed on a culvert restricting access to your property? Is your office building parking lot or shopping center plaza looking tired and in need of an upgrade? Or maybe you need a design builder to walk you through the cumbersome process of permitting, dealing with Fisheries, Corp of Engineers and/or environmental agencies. C.A. Carey is your answer. We have experienced people who can assist you through the entire construction process from concept to completion. You can also rely on C.A. Carey to complete your project quickly and proficiently.

C. A. Carey specializes in civil work and proudly stands behind the multitude of our completed projects. Though we have a reputation as a bridge builder, we undertake any project with a civil component. We are proud to service our public clients and bring integrity to the Northwest’s civil construction.